We provide customized Digital solutions that suit almost every type of client regardless of their business size. Our solutions include, web development, mobile app development, custom software development, ecommerce solutions, graphic designing services, digital marketing services, Game development, dedicated resource hiring services.

Unity (2D & 3D Games)

With ZAM’s operating solutions that are compatible with all game engines, you can bring your ideas to life and expand your business.

Create Your Game

Use ZAM’s extensive collection of collaborative and creative tools for designers, programmers, and everyone in between to bring your game to life.

Build, manage, and grow your game

Build cross-platform multiplayer games, oversee live operations, and give players individualized experiences with ZAM Studio Gaming Services.

Successfully Launch Your Game

Increase your chances of success with ZAM strong teamwork tools and QA resources. You will be ready to level up your game with confidence by ZAM Studio airtight testing, improved team productivity, and crash management solutions.


 ZAM Studio simple-to-use tools can support you in managing your player lifecycle, optimizing your ad strategy, and discovering the best monetization options to define your growth tactics and achieve your revenue goals.


 ZAM Studio provides 3D Games using three-dimensional geometry, with Materials and Textures rendered on the surface of Game Objects to give them the appearance of solid environments, characters, and other game world elements. Light and shadows realistically cast throughout the scene, and you can freely move the camera inside and outside of it.



For 2D games ZAM Studio utilizes flat graphics, also known as sprites, which have no three-dimensional geometry at all. They appear on the screen as flat images, and there is no perspective provided by the game’s camera. 

3D Graphics with 2D Gameplay

By limiting the gameplay to two dimensions with ZAM Studio, you can use 2D games with 3D geometry for the environment and characters. For developing such games, you can use 3D models for the obstacles and a 3D perspective for the camera, even if the camera displays a side-scrolling view . The 3D effect for these games will be more decorative than practical.   

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