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Logo Animation

With a few clicks, create your logo animation

Use ZAM Studio animated logo maker’s adaptable tools to quickly create logo animations that go well with your brand’s theme.

Logo Aanimation Features

  • Add artwork

Add backdrops and vector illustrations to your sequence. Scale and modify according to your stage project.

  • Space layers

Set the layers of the artwork and the camera’s spatial location. Play around with camera movement to observe how the visuals change on the screen.

  • Animate

Select your keyframes before animating your work. Design your camera motions to pan and zoom throughout your animation after the movement in a scene has been established.

  • Get It and Put It in Your Videos

Use the animated logo to add impact to the beginning or end of your videos by downloading it.


Grow Your Brand By Animated Logo

Export and save your animation. As an HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, Flash/Adobe AIR, GIF, or QuickTime movie, it may be used in games, on the web, or in videos.

  • 3D transformation

Rotate your work so that it is parallel to the screen’s surface. To provide natural depth, extend your 2D artwork into the distance.

  • Vanishing point and perspective angle

Your animation’s apparent depth can be enhanced or diminished by altering the Perspective Angle. Change the viewer’s location with respect to the action by moving the Vanishing Point.

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